An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the online home of Rockhopper Brewing Company.

This all started as a bit of a dream about 18 months ago, when my wife and I were looking to move home. I’ve been a keen homebrewer for a number of years and am quite actively involved in the London Amateur Brewers homebrew club, and one of the things we were looking for in our new house was a space for me to do my brewing so I could get all of the equipment out of the way – and more importantly, out of the kitchen and dining room!

To cut a long story short, we got really lucky. Not only did we find a great house, we found a great house with a rather large garage on the side already setup with electric, water and sewage – jackpot!

At the same time a few of my friends were in the process of opening their own breweries (in garages or small industrial units) and this really set the seed in my mind. Do I just have a really sweet homebrewing space, or do I go for it and try to squeeze a small commercial unit in the garage? I was fortunate enough to still have some savings left after buying the house, and I’m even more lucky to have an understanding and supportive wife, so after six months of “Can I, can’t I?” we went for it.

Where we are now is that we have a 2BBL (~330 litres) brewhouse, 2 fermenters, some casks, some bottles and a bunch of ideas (we’re planning on kegs too in the future, but the area we’re in isn’t quite ready for them just yet). We’re almost ready to go – first trial batches should be happening later this month, with the plan to start selling very soon after to local pubs, bottle shops, restaurants and anyone else who is interested in getting good beer out in Luton, the home counties and the surrounding area.

I’ll follow up this post soon with more details and photos of the build and what it takes to setup a brewery from the business side, and hopefully news of the first few batches and what to expect from us. But in the mean time do drop us an emailtweet, or message on facebook if there’s a question, or if you just want to say hi.