LABX Brew at Weird Beard

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of heading down to Weird Beard Brewing Co in Hanwell, London to take part in one of the London Amateur Brewers (LAB) 10th anniversary collaboration brews – a series yet to be titled but we’re currently working with LABX.

I’ve long been a fan of Weird Beard, (they’re one of the inspirations for setting up Rockhopper in the first place) as I first met Bryan and Greg at LAB whilst they were still home-brewing and just starting on the road to setting up the brewery so I definitely wanted to get involved in this beer!

I was joined by 6 other LAB members and the task of the day was brewing an ice cream pale ale!

There were a few issues with the brew – a super slow run off due to the sheer volume of oats in the mash but the resulting wort was really tasty, then we ran it through cacao nibs in the underback on the way to the fermenter to give it a slight twist.

It was a fantastic day and I was very happy to get involved in this project.

At the same time across London some other LAB members were at The Kernel Brewery (also founded by a former LAB member, Evin), to help in a brew of their London Export Porter, so we’re also looking forward to how that one turns out.

The next brew in the LABX series is this coming Saturday (the 23rd) at Elusive Brewing in Finchampsted – set up by another LAB alumni Andy Parker – to brew something Belgian, pale and strong.

The final brew in the series I’m proud to say will be here at Rockhopper! We’re still working on the recipe, but it’s going to be a sessionable pale ale or maybe even a session IPA made with some of the newer English hop varieties.