Brewery For Sale

UPDATE 19-July-2021 – All of the brewery kit and materials are now sold. Thank you for your interest. 🙂

Unfortunately we’ve come to the end of the road. It doesn’t look like we’ll be back up and running for the foreseeable future, so if anyone is looking for a good nano/micro-brewery sized kit, ours is up for sale.

All bought brand new at a cost of around £20,000. We’re looking for £12,000 (no VAT), but are open to sensible offers as we’d rather it went to someone who will make use of it instead of it just sitting in the garage gathering dust.

If you’re interested, call Darren on 07879810558, or email for more information.

The Kit – £12,000

2BBL Elite Stainless Fabrications kit finished in brushed stainless steel, 2 FVs, cask washer, plastic casks and all the equipment you’ll need to start packaging cask conditioned and bottle conditioned ale.

  • All insulated stainless steel vessels.
  • All 2-phase (domestic) electric.
  • 2 oversized pumps.
  • Oversized plate chiller.
  • HLT
    • Full stainless steel lid.
    • Sight glass.
    • STC-1000 temperature controller with SSR.
    • 3kw element.
    • 550L capacity.
  • Mash Tun
    • Capable of holding 80kg grain comfortably.
    • Fly sparge.
    • Underback – useful for mixing in additions (i.e. lactose, DME).
  • Kettle
    • External to wall steam vent.
    • Two elements – 4kw and 6kw.
    • Only really suitable for whole leaf hops (the filter at the base is too coarse).
  • Hop Rocket
    • Can fit in-line between the kettle and the plate chiller.
  • 2x FVs (300L)
    • Dome bottomed.
    • Insulated walls with cooling/heating coil internal to walls.
    • ATC-800+ Temp controllers (1 per FV) capable of controlling both heating and cooling. 
    • 1x Air cooled glycol chiller with dual pumps.
    • 1x Buffalo boiler with dual pumps.
  • Stainless steel cask washer with pump and 3kw heating element.
  • Racking arm for filling casks.
  • 25-30 black plastic casks (from emerald polymers) – the only branding on these are stickers so should be easy to rebrand.
  • 50 litre holding tank for bottling.
  • Transfer pump (for bottling) – camlocks on all connections.
  • 2 head gravity bottle filler.
  • Vigo bench capper.
  • Hand cranked bottle/can labelling machine.